Steak and Guac Night

Fresh guacamole ingredients arranged on a Bar C Meat Company cutting board

When I was growing up, food was always a central element in our house. My family loved the process from start to finish. Prep work was an event in and of itself, when my brother, sister, and I would all congregate in the kitchen while my parents chopped, stirred, and cooked appetizers, sides, and main…

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Hearty and Heart Healthy

Well marbeled cut of beef steak on a butcher block cutting board with seasonings and utensils

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Good, but not good for you”? What a frustrating concept! We don’t know about you, but we like to enjoy great-tasting food without the worry of negative health effects later on. Why compromise your health for something as juicy and decadent as a wonderfully marbled, responsibly raised, Angus-Akaushi steak?…

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