Cow and calf in a pasture

For six generations, the Callis family has had a working relationship with the land of Pettis County, Missouri. Lessons learned from over 150 years of Callis family management continue to nurture that relationship today. Since the beginning, there has been one big change—early generations farmed to feed themselves, while the present one is pleased to be able to provide safe, nutritious food for others.

The main cattle operation today takes place on land procured in the 1930s by J. Gordon Callis. He worked tirelessly and frugally to provide a foundation for others to build upon. The last century has given our farm a chance to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of agriculture, whether that be through mechanization or management practices.

Bar C Meat company is named for the cattle brand featured in the logo. Though we cannot be certain that it is the oldest brand in Missouri, it has the earliest registration number still active.

At Bar C Meat Company, we have great reverence for those who came before us. We believe lives are enriched by exchanging knowledge, cultivating relationships and creating experiences. We are excited to share beef with our new friends, just as our family has been doing for generations.

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